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A place for all of those who feel left out...

...follow the little rubber duckie.

8/9/05 12:23 am - anxiously_last - an application

welcome to the dollhouse.Collapse )

3/6/05 04:51 pm - x__i_heart_bert

AnywhereCollapse )

2/21/05 01:15 am - depp_07

yeah, so I'm a loser.


first 7 people to join are auto-accepted.

please, PLEASE PROMOTE!!!!

hee hee thanks a bunch!

Yeah..anyhoo, it's been quite a while...I've tried to make the layout look better. Any comments suggestions? I'm going to need another mod. So, anyone wanting to apply, is welcome, just tell me why you thing you should get it..ha. Yeah...I'm out kids..


Alexandra Rose

12/7/04 10:56 am - depp_07

Whoa kids, first real post...wah-hoo! I'm all hyper and stuff, and I'm at school. [risk of getting caught, adds adrenaline sp?] oh yess..I love you all and stuff...wah-ho...

(aka alexandra rose)

11/30/04 08:53 pm - myimmortal1281 - GIPSY

[x]The Basics[x]



*Bands (10)*Evanescence, Seether, HIM, CKY, 3 Days Grace, Alice in Chains, Coheed and Cambria, KoRN, Linkin Park, Smashing Pumpkins
*Movies (5)*Anywhere but Home(Ev.), Butterfly Effect, There's Something About Mary, The Crow, Van Helsing
*Books (5)*Evanescence Biography, i dont have anymore sorry Alex
*Color*Black..or Deep Purple
*songs*Miising (Ev.)
*quotes*"People say I cant dress like a fairy, but i turn around and say Im a rock star i can wear whatever the hell i want"


*List some things that REALLY irk you.*My little sister, the bell ringers at k-mart lol
*List some things that you like.*Evanescence
*List some products that you absolutely cannot live without.*Evanescence CD's
*Random word*Bam
*Random story*Amy Lee story
*Random quote*the above amy quote
*Random lyrics*please, please forgive me..but i wont be home again, maybe someday youll look up, and barely conscious youll say to no one "isnt something missing? isnt someone missing me?"

11/29/04 03:05 pm - tape - Application.

At your funeralCollapse )

11/29/04 06:43 am - twitolympics

ride with meCollapse )

11/28/04 09:45 pm - xotyffernyxo - I Caught Fire

There's just no one who gets me like you do..Collapse )


11/28/04 10:52 am - xbritxnicolex

lunacy fringe <3 Collapse )

11/28/04 02:44 pm - shellownshell - I won't see you tonight

ICollapse )
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