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Is it okay for me to say i <love3 you ?

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[x]The Basics[x]
*Name* Brittany Nicole
*Age* 16
*Hometown* Altoona - Its oh so boring.
*Gender* Girly

*Bands (10)* Fall Out Boy , The Used , Another Found Self , Thursday , Senses Fail, Story Of The Year, My Chemical Romance, As I Lay Dying , Underoath, & Brand New.
*Movies (5)* Drop Dead Fred, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Ghost, & Donnie Darko.
*Books (5)* One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue fish , The Lord of the Rings,
*Color* Pink ( It has been my favorite color since i was 5 )
*songs* Grand Theft Autumn, Noise and kisses, Lunacy Fringe, Poetic Tragedy, & Im Not Okay.
*quotes* Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet at a time, Whats your rush now, everyone will have his day to die.

*List some things that REALLY irk you.* someone chewing with their mouth open just to bug you, racism, when people label people..  i think thats so dumb.
*List some things that you like.*i love getting my picture taken, Rain,  lightning, cuddling, lip gloss, lolly pops , Nightime, romance movies, scary movies, necklaces, stars, moons, the beach, painting my nails all different colors and lots of other things.
*List some products that you absolutely cannot live without.* lip gloss, toe socks, jeans, and T- shirts.
*Random word* Yuck
*Random story* Hmm.. Alright .. One time i was getting ready to go to my friends house and i only had 10 minutes to get ready. I went upstairs and put my make-up on, did my hair, and got dressed. Right before i went out my door i noticed that my pants were on backwards, i didnt have any socks on and i had my tank top over my T-Shirt . haha thats a typical day for me though.
*Random quote* But when you're tired, if you're quiet, you'll hear me singing you to sleep.
*Random lyrics* Wake up, my love, i never thought you'd make me break me.

Mmmm pictures (:

 Wow, Dont ask. I think i was trying to be a dinosaur or something.

  My rockin' glasses.

 This is me standing on my porch. My hair is a little crazy because the wind is blowing.

 Thats me just sitting on my porch.

 That was on one of my trips to D.C or somewhere.

 I sent this picture into my modeling advisor and he totally loved it.





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