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I Caught Fire

[x]The Basics[x]

*Name* Tyffany
*Age* 19
*Hometown* St. Maries, ID..but I live in Coeur d' Alene, ID now for school
*Gender* Female


*Bands (10)*
- New Found Glory
- Taking Back Sunday
- Story of the Year
- Yellowcard
- Fall Out Boy
- Dashboard Confessional
- Linkin Park
- The Used
- Exit Zero
- One Fun Tuesday
*Movies (5)*
- Love and Basketball
- Crazy/Beautiful
- Cruel Intentions
- Finding Nemo
- The Story So Far
*Books (5)*
- To Kill a Mockingbird
- The Homecoming
- The Long Road Home
- Gossip Girl Series
- The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series
*Color* Blue
*songs* Holy hell.  I have lots of favorite songs. "The Story So Far" - NFG, "I Caught Fire" - The Used, "Powder" - Yellowcard, "You're So Last Summer" - TBS, "You Dog You.." - One Fun Tuesday...and tooooons toooooons more..
*quotes*  "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away..", "The human spirit cannot be paralyzed - if you are still breathing..you can dream..", "Dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening, and love like it will never hurt..".


*List some things that REALLY irk you.* Close-minded people, wanna-bes, coming home to a messy house, staying late at work, liars, heart-breakers, being sick, crying. 
*List some things that you like.* My best friend Bean, Bam Margera, music DVDs, Kurt Halsey paintings, singing really loud, pictures, snow, love, stars, The Peanuts, Rainbow Brite, hearing your favorite song on the rado after a shitty day, long baths, caller id, mi hermano, acoustic guitars, drummers, skaters, hoodies, tinkerbell, ShopKo, Hastings, Pac-Sun, Warped Tour, concerts.. 
*List some products that you absolutely cannot live without.* Tresemme hair spray, covergirl makeup, jane's jean eyeshadow stick,..erm..I don't know why I'm having such a hard time with this question..
*Random word* blanco meow..not really a word but more like a thing..haha..watch "The Story So Far".
*Random story* Hmm..went to Nintendo Fusion Tour last month..we were in the pit during Letter Kills and I got elbowed in the face and it turned into a nice shiner.  After the concert my best friend and I were waiting to buy t-shirts when we saw Matt from LK.  We freaked and we asked him to sign our tickets.  I told him about getting my black eye while they were playing and he laughed.  I was like "no worries though..it was way awesome..".  He started laughing and said "it was awesome that you got a black eye?".  I felt stupid because that's not what I meant..I laughed and explained myself and he laughed even harder.  I felt dumb.  Haha.
*Random lyrics* "Could we dim the sun and wonder where we've been..maybe you and me..so kiss me like you did..my heart stopped beating..such a softer sin..I'm melting..never caught my breath..every second I'm without you I'm a mess.."

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