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[x]The Basics[x]



*Bands (10)*My Chemical Romance,Alkaline Trio,A Static Lullaby,Alexisonfire,Billy Talent,Socratic,Silverchair,Smashing Pumpkins,AFI,Greenday
*Movies (5)*Finding Nemo,Cry baby,Secret Window,Butterfly effect,Nightmare b4 x-mas(yes cliche but i seen it when i was 6 and i still love it)
*Books (5)*Nothing Feels good, The voice on the radio,Animal Farm,Secret Garden,Breeders.
*songs*To the end-MCR,Radio-Alk3,Imagine-APC,Funeral masses-Socratic
'Kyler and assie will never get watered'-me
'justi is fat'-me


*List some things that REALLY irk you.*Close minded people, Stuck up people, meat, Politics, Not seeing my boyfriend, Certain bands ie:Pilate., English class, feet.
*List some things that you like.*Lipgloss, Adidas for men, my boyfriend, my friends, pants, shoes, wet naps, socks.
*List some products that you absolutely cannot live without.*Bon bell lipgloss, wet naps, hair dye, blueberry pie body spray.
*Random word*Uber-ultimo
*Random story*well one day (yesterday to be exact) 2 of my friends were coming over, so i was all pumped, and then one of them got here and i was all like 'wheres justin' and hes like 'uhh i forgot him....' i was like ' ha thats funny'
*Random quote*Live Easy Die Hard.
*Random lyrics*
So say goodbye to the vows you take.
And say goodbye to the life you make.
And say goodbye to the hearts you break.
And all the cyanide you drank.

Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...
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